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Mango's Tropical Cafe

One of the most exciting and interesting bars on South Beach is Mango's Tropical Cafe, a little taste of Rio. When you walk by the first thing to catch your attention will be the loud salsa or maybe some reggae music coming from inside, the second will be that most of the wait staff are dancers and wear bikinis. Once you weave your way by the outside tables and reach the door you'll see florescent palm trees, and wild decor. Peek inside to catch people dancing, bartenders spinning bottles, and wait staff rushing from tables to the kitchen. That's the thing about Mango's Tropical Cafe it's so alive with music and activity it literally draws you in, you can't pass and not stop.
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Inside Mango's

Once you get inside your senses go into a whirl. They have exotic art all over the walls, and it looks like a florescent tropical jungle. The main floor is taken over in the back by a huge bar, and when the music starts performers clad in barely there super sexy costumes take to the top of the bar and effortlessly wow you with any number of Latin themed dances. At first you're afraid for them, thinking they might fall off but then you get so memorized you forget all where they are, all you see are beautiful people doing beautiful dances. You leave the place vowing to take salsa lessons the minute you return home.

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Sexy Dancers on the bar at Mango's.
They have live music most nights and it's usually a Latin, salsa or reggae band. There is a small dance floor in front of the bar and plenty if seating on the sides with smaller bars on either side. Up on the second floor there is a bar and the sides are lined with tables that look down on the floor below.

The Vodou Room and the Mojito Room

If you've got an upcoming private party or special event Mango's Tropical Cafe offers two rooms to choose from - the Vodou Room and the Mojito Room. The Mojito Room is the newest if the two and the Vodou Room is a well known a local hot spot, where radio stations periodically hold live events. They offer dance shows with sexy salsa or belly dancers, and you can plan the menu yourself or leave it up to the planners of the Special Events Department that Mango's now offers.

Lunch at Mango's Tropical Cafe

During the day Mango's is a totally different place, it's quiet and quite lovely after all it is a tropical cafe. The food there is a mixture of Cuban and American which you can enjoy inside or on cooler days eat outside and watch the people pass on Ocean Drive and the beach, they offer the full menu at lunch too.

The Boutique

After lunch and before you start a night of fun and excitement stop by Mango's Boutique. They have it all, everything from the usual t-shirts and beach towels to ponchos, bottle openers, calendars, sportswear, hats and even a Mango's tattoo.

So if you're looking for something different for lunch, a private event , or a spectacular night on the town with music and dancing Mambo's Tropical Cafe is a must see when you visit South Beach.

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