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Marineland Dolphin Conservation Center

In the 1930s a group of men had an idea for "the world's first oceanarium" with tanks large enough for realistic underwater filming. On June 23, 1938 the idea came to life and Marineland was opened. The park is situated on seven-acres on the beach along A1A, 40 miles north of Daytona Beach and 15 miles south of St. Augustine.

Marineland consists of two large aquariums, one square and one round that are surrounded by 200 portholes of glass for viewing and filming, they also have a presentation studio and several other smaller exhibits. Marineland is not what one would call a usual theme park, there are no shows it’s a park that shows visitors how dolphins learn, hunt and live in their natural environment. When I was there the dolphins did this behavior where they tossed water into the air and clamp the jaws down when they caught it, it was quite amusing to observe.

There are several programs where guests can actually get into the tanks and interact with the dolphins. They range in price and length of time spent with the animals and all require 'classroom' time where you learn safety tips, dolphin anatomy and natural history, and then it’s out to the water. You can also paint with a dolphin by choosing either a canvas or tee shirt then hold it up for the dolphin to paint on. These adventures are all photographed by the parks professional staff photographers as a keepsake for you.

If you’re planning a wedding or special event Marineland’s Dolphin Conservation Center is large enough to seat up to 400 guests and the deck area of the dolphin habitat is a spectacular oceanfront setting for hosting a party. It’s the perfect venue for an event your guests will never forget.

Marineland is a wonderful place for kids of all ages to get an up close look at Dolphins, some of the most fascinating creatures in our oceans, that is both educational and entertaining.
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